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For photo and video production services in Argentina, look no further.

Photo and video production services in Argentina – a location wonderland. The country covers four different climate zones, from subtropical and desert regions in the North, to Alpine and Arctic Patagonia in the South. For us, this means we can capture a plethora of incredibly photographic scenery for our clients. There is an abundance of natural beauty just waiting to be shot. There’s sprawling grasslands, snow-covered mountains, lush rainforests and even monstrous waterfalls. Argentina really does have it all. We take our clients and crew to the Estancias, the outposts outside of the bigger cities and towns, and they are equipped with impressive mansions, gauchos and horses aplenty. Argentina welcomes international production and the locals have grown accustomed to photo shoots and international film crews being on their door-step. Visitors are made to feel welcome upon arrival; that’s just part of the Argentine warmth and charm. And interestingly, the population is comprised of around 95% European descent, mostly from Italy, Spain, and Germany. And so this has had influence on the architecture and surrounds. 7 Seas Productions offer a well-versed local team of industry professionals, including Argentine film veteran, Sebastian Otero. We know this country, its laws, locations, and the local production industry better than anyone else and is why we are THE go-to production company for this region. In poetry and productions we are among the people who believe that the magic lies in the detail. So let us take care of the detail and show you the very best of this boundless country just as we have with Glamour magazine, Bonprix, JP Boden, Coca Cola, C&A, VOLVO, Conleys and ZÜRICH.


Argentina’s diverse landscape and large land mass set the stage for the extreme temperatures and even more extreme landscapes. Everything about this country is extraordinary.

Buenos Aires: Striking a perfect balance between modern and historical.

With a strong European flair, this cosmopolitan city has cobblestone streets, impressive architecture and a big cafe culture. The streetscapes and interiors are as beautiful as they are plentiful.

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Patagonia: The real star of Argentina.

An ideal destination for everything nature related in film and photography. The natural abundance and landscape quality makes it a year-round production haven and is perfect for fashion, adventure and car brands.