Colombia is one of the most underrated production destinations on the planet.

Once the home of drug traffickers, Marxist guerrillas and a broken government, Colombia has transformed itself into one of the region´s most vibrant players. It made it on the cover of TIME magazine with the headline ‘The Colombian Comeback’, and that is one of the reasons that international clients are rediscovering the beauty and diversity of the Colombian Caribbean with its wonderful beaches and colonial cities. Another reason is a reliable and safe infrastructure, visitors feel safe and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cartagena is Colombia´s window to the world. Aware of the former safety reservation’s Colombia´s new motto is displayed on every airport: ‘The only danger is to want to stay’!

The Production point of view:

Colombia simplified the process of temporary admission thus earning the status “film friendly” and making it less bureaucratic for foreign teams to bring their wardrobe and technical equipment along. We will show you how it works. As for properties like mansions and hotels we can say that Colombia´s doors are wide open. Colombians are unspoiled by big film bucks and permits are easy to get. Technical equipment can be rented either in Cartagena or in Bogotá and the transport of crews is professional and punctual.


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