Santa Marta is considered one of the pearls of the Colombian Caribbean. From an architectural point of view it offers less than Cartagena, is is equipped with colonial buildings and the old part of town is small and easy to grasp. The beaches on the other hand offer a broad variety – Westwards of Santa Marta is the Rodadero beach area, a tourist centre with many hotels and high raisers.  To the east of Santa Marta is located the Natural Park of Tairona, a stretch of jungle like vegetation and extremely nice and lonely beaches – one of which was elected among the 10 best beaches in the world, according to “the Guardian”.

From a shoot perspective

While Cartagena is surrounded by a coral reef thus protected from the tide and higher waves, Santa Marta beaches lie unsheltered to the rolling waves, thus giving it the surfer´s paradise feel but waves are never big like in Hawaii but do help shape the rocks and bays of the archipelago. Round rocks and boulders which make nice backdrops for fashion shoots . At some points the sea turns into rivers and lagoons almost seamlessly due to the vicinity of the wet foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The lack of architecture in the rural part of the region is easily compensated by original and luxury boutique hotels and spa resorts. Lonely Planet choose one of it “the best in Colombia”, let it be our privilege to show it to you and your fashion,  film or video production in Colombia.


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