The Colombian Caribbean has a rich diversity of beach and city locations. Two main centers can be named, Cartagena and Santa Marta.  Cartagena´s coastline is surrounded by a coral reef that in its perimeter holds a group of 28 beautiful Islands with different backdrops for photo and film shoots. Crews and visitors get there by speedboats and almost all of them have sandy beaches. Here you find wooden huts and wooden villas, boutique hotels and Spas, driftwood and palm tree forests. The interesting aspect for beauty and beachwear shoots is that unlike in Santa Marta waves by the beach never get high. Home owners dare to build their houses only a couple of meters away from the shore -The water colours range from light blue to turquoise.

From a shoot perspective

The  city itself looks a little like Havana on a smaller scale; it has preserved the colonial feel, even though outside the colonial wall Cartagena has also a modern part with skyscrapers and a skyline. Façades in pink, ochre, yellow and pale green tones adorn the streets of the historic centre. When I visited Cartagena for the first time in 1988 it had a hippie feel, a status that it had earned in the 70’s when it was the hangout for the New York Bohemia with John Lennon and Yoko Ono as one of their pacemakers. Even though the hippie feel is back in these days, thanks to affordable B&B’s, one should forget misconceptions about Cartagena: it is posh, not hill billy, it is rather sophisticated than rustic. An exquisite cuisine inspired by Peru made its arrival and small and stylish boutique hotels are not the exception but the rule. From our point of view and out of experience we can say that it makes the ideal alternative to Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, especially for US professionals that are not yet allowed to go officially to Cuba.


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