Although it has many tall buildings, much of Havana has always been of human scale, a place to be hand-touched and surrounded by porches and gardens which allow for an ongoing dialogue between the city and its residents. There are no superhighways, and streets are never wide enough to become a barrier between the sidewalks.” (Maria Elena Martín Zequeira, Architect, taken from the book Havana, by Hans Engels)

The Island

“The most beautiful place I´ve ever been to” was Christopher Columbus´ conclusion after a five week stay during his first trip to “India” in 1492. Rowing up the rivers and studying the waterline, he discovered that no great changes in weather occur, that neither high tides nor storms cause big damages. With 320 days of sun per year it´s the perfect spot for productions that require a clear blue sky and a variety of different natural light throughout the day.


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