The second smallest country in the world and the most densely populated, it is nonetheless well worth putting the principality into the mix when using our photo shoot services in the French Riviera. Monaco can only grow upwards, the new and old skyscrapers shape the city and make it unique, not only for the French Riviera but for the entire Mediterranean. It doesn’t vary in climate from the rest of the Côte d´Azur, noticeable differences is the overall more international feel, English and Italian is widely spoken and understood. It’s own Formula One circuit and the most famous gambling facility outside of Las Vegas have made Monaco world famous as a tourist attraction and a hangout for the rich and famous.

The production point of view

Although petite, Monaco has a lot to offer. You can capture the modern and stylish, the high-rising backdrops and the glamour that emanate from the Casino and the Hotel de Paris and their glamorous surroundings. Right here the location fees are often expensive but you find a lot of other spots, like the harbour, the “Rock” or even the old part of town where Monaco preserves its looks and memorability and where location fees are reasonable – we always find a solution with our photo shoot services in Monaco, the administration for permits works professionally and quickly.


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