The Sunday Times Style with Vivienne Rohner

Sunday Times STYLE story with Vivienne Rohner, Photographer Rory Payne in Cap d´Ail, France
July 26, 2018/by sevenadmin

The Sunday Times Style with Isabeli Fontani

Sunday Times STYLE story with Isabeli Fontani, Photographer Rory Payne in Cap d´Antibes Beach Hotel, France
July 20, 2018/by sevenadmin


For Conleys with Sina Görtz in Cartagena, Colombia
April 17, 2018/by sevenadmin

Louis Vuitton

For GQ Style with Brett Lloyd in Havana, Cuba
April 5, 2018/by sevenadmin

Crew Clothing Company

For Crew Clothing Company with William Garrett in Colombia
April 5, 2018/by sevenadmin


For Boden with David Roemer  in Provence, France
February 21, 2018/by sevenadmin


For JP Boden with Georgina Clarke in Provence, France
February 13, 2018/by sevenadmin

Bonprix in Cartagena

For Bonprix - BMH with Holger Friedrich in Cartagena, Colombia
November 7, 2017/by sevenadmin

JP Boden in Buenos Aires

For JP Boden with Heather Favell in Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 7, 2017/by sevenadmin

Conleys in Cuba

For Conleys with Sina Görtz in Cuba
November 7, 2017/by sevenadmin

Mr Porter

For Mr Porter with Clement Jolin in France
November 7, 2017/by sevenadmin

Conleys in Argentina

For Conleys with Sina Görtz in Patagonia, Argentina
November 7, 2017/by sevenadmin

Monsoon in Chamonix

For Monsoon with Boo George in Chamonix/France
November 7, 2017/by sevenadmin

cabi – USA

For cabi - USA with Mark Andrew in Nice, France
March 16, 2017/by sevenadmin

Mercedes AMG Magazine

Client: Mercedes AMG
Photographer: Markus Bolsinger
Location: Havana, Cuba
January 24, 2017/by sevenadmin

Havana Club

For Havana Club with Elliott Erwitt in Havana, Cuba
January 24, 2017/by sevenadmin

Bonprix Brasil

For Bonprix Brasil with Valentin Angerer in Varadero, Cuba
September 19, 2016/by sevenadmin

Garnet Hill

For Garnet Hill with Angi Welsch in Cartagena, Colombia
August 19, 2016/by sevenadmin

Mr. Porter featuring Tomas Berdych

Client: Mr. Porter
Photographer: Clement Jolin
Location: Menton, Côte d´Azur
July 29, 2016/by sevenadmin

Town & Country

For Town & Country with Christian Ferretti in Havana, Cuba
June 28, 2016/by sevenadmin


For ELLESSE with Neil Bedford in Monaco
May 24, 2016/by sevenadmin


For Bonobos with Ben Watts in Cartagena, Colombia
April 7, 2016/by sevenadmin


For Bloomingdales with Alistair Taylor Young & Totem Creative LLC in Havana / Cuba
April 1, 2016/by sevenadmin

David´s Bridal

For David´s Bridal with Serge Leblon in Cartagena / Colombia
November 23, 2015/by sevenadmin


For Primark, UK with Mel Bles in Chamonix - Mont Blanc
November 23, 2015/by sevenadmin


For ELLE US with Max Vadukul in Pierre Cardin´s house on the Côte d´Azur
November 23, 2015/by sevenadmin

Zürich Insurances

For Zürich Insurances with Per Kasch in Punta del Este, Uruguay
November 23, 2015/by sevenadmin

George (ASDA)

For George UK (ASDA) with Francisco Gordo Hernandez in Havana, Cuba
October 8, 2015/by sevenadmin

Marie Claire, US

For Marie Claire, US with Takay in Havana / Cuba
September 23, 2015/by sevenadmin

Bergdorf Goodman

For Bergdorf Goodman with Ben Toms in Rosary Islands / Colombia
May 1, 2015/by jt