Bergdorf Goodman

For Bergdorf Goodman with Serge Leblon in Cartagena, Colombia
March 26, 2015/by jt

Glamour France

For Condé Nast & Glamour with Tom Craig in Jujuy / Argentina
February 26, 2015/by jt


For Bonprix with Martin Kielmann in Colombia
February 3, 2015/by jt

Betty Barclay

For Betty Barclay & Ofenstein Werbeagentur with Oscar Falk in Havana / Cuba
November 26, 2014/by jt

Grazia China

For Grazia China with Martin Lidell in Monaco
October 27, 2014/by jt

GQ / Bugatti

For Bugatti Veyron 16.4 & GQ with Benny Pichelmann in Marseille, France
May 21, 2014/by sevenadmin


For Promod with Ramon Escobosa in Havana / Cuba
February 23, 2014/by jt


For Synsam with Morten Qvale in Havana / Cuba
February 17, 2014/by jt


For Bonprix with Martin Kielmann in Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 16, 2013/by jt


For Conleys with Carlos Fernandez Laser in Havana, Cuba
November 24, 2013/by jt

Bank of Montreal

For Bank of Montreal with Shadow and Shadow in Avignon, South of France
October 16, 2013/by jt

Mercedes Perfume

Client: Mercedes Perfume
Photographer: Magnus Reed
Location: Monaco
July 16, 2013/by jt


For NIKON with Jorg Badura in Cannes – off shore
July 16, 2013/by jt

H&M with Tomáš Berdych

For H&M with Tobias Lunkvist in Villefranche, French Riviera
June 16, 2013/by jt

Opel Meriva

For Opel with Oliverstefan in Avignon, South of France
June 16, 2013/by jt


For Hirmer with Martin Friedrich in Cannes, France
March 23, 2013/by jt


For Madewell with Benny Horne in Santa Marta, Colombia
March 16, 2013/by jt


For J.Crew with Benny Horne in Cartagena, Colombia
February 17, 2013/by jt


For Lerros with Ernst Alexander in Havana, Cuba
October 17, 2012/by jt

ELLE France

For ELLE France with Marci Tyszka in Cannes, France
June 23, 2012/by jt

Elle France

For ELLE France with Tesh Natel in Cartagena, Colombia
May 23, 2012/by jt

Mercedes Trucks

For Mercedes Trucks with Igor Panitz in Nice, Cote d'Azur
April 17, 2012/by jt


For Mercedes C-Class Igor Panitz with Igor Panitz in Nice, Cote d'Azur
June 17, 2011/by jt


For Ducati with Gigi Solano in French Riviera
June 17, 2010/by jt