Argentina is the one of the most European and versatile Capitals of Latin America. Buenos Aires is an ‘Alpha World City’ as described in Wikipedia, Bs As (for Insiders) boasts a colourful mix of modern and historical locations, gathered in different and therefore renowned neighbourhoods of the city. Argentina is more than just Buenos Aires and with a length of 5000 km it traverses four different climate zones, from subtropical and desert regions in the North to alpine and Arctic Patagonia in the South. In-between is the immense Pampa with fertile grasslands and Estancias, the remaining outposts of a glorious live stock farming past.

Photo shoots in Argentina are welcome and the doors are open. With their natural charm and self-confidence Argentines are open for photographic crews and cameras. A whole industry has been built over the last 15 years around photo and film shoots, from professional indoor location services to casting and model agencies – not much different from Miami, Cape Town or Nice. Argentina is no ATA carnet country and in order to bring in your professional equipment you need special services which we will gladly help with.

7 Seas takes care of all temporary admissions and a smooth handling is guaranteed with no time lost upon arrival and departure. The 7 Seas Team is composed of Argentine film veteran Facundo de Rosas and German born Christian Bengsch who takes care of  our photo and video productions in South America and is in charge of all international relations.


Chris Bengsch : +33.680.96 34 86