Patagonia is a region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile.  It has two main regions, mountains and rocks close to the Andes cordilleras, the huge mountain range that stretches through South America from Colombia to Cape Horn. And it has flatlands with grass and little tree population from the foothills to the Oceans, the Pacific to the West and the Atlantic to the East. Patagonia boasts skiable regions like Las Leñas in Mendoza province (Argentina) or the more mundane Bariloche in Rio Negro province, also known for it´s Nahuel Huapi National Park and lake of the same name. The outdoor quality of Patagonia makes it a year around tourist centre, and especially in the region of Bariloche a place in South America with a remarkable resemblance to the Alps or the Rocky mountains. Swiss and German settlers added to the Alpine look with a Tyrol like architecture in homes and gardens. The whole region is called the 7 lakes region and within the radius of 40 miles you find different climatic zones, from humid and green close to the lakes and the mountain range to arid and New Mexico-like dry towards the flat lands. The Chilean (Western) Patagonia gets more precipitations than the Argentine (Eastern) side and the wind blows and carries clouds normally from the West.

The production point of view
Due to its southern hemispheric location Patagonia is next to New Zealand the only place on earth that offers snow and ice during the European or US American summer. Places like Bariloche, Calafate or Las Leñas are connected to Buenos Aires with several daily flights. Permits are issued by the Natural Park authorities, usually a nice guy but with a strong ecological attitude that makes a Canadian Mounty look like a pathfinder. Patagonia is ideal for everything nature related in film and photography. The panoramas of Mount Fitzroy and Cerro Torre have been brought to a broader public in movies like the Red Bull production “Cerro Torre” on extreme mountaineer David Lama and his quest to climb that almost impossible summit. Carmakers appreciate the windy and lonely roads around or along the lakes and fashion brands and magazines find props and backdrops that look very European, from ski cable cars to rustic Heidi blockhouse restaurants.


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