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Take me to Cuba is a subdivision of 7 Seas Productions.

The richness of Cuban architecture and the landscape far surpasses the stereotype of run-down colonial buildings and tobacco plantations. The 7 Seas Cuba location database contains over 5000 photos of recently cast and very accessible locations throughout Cuba. Each boasts its own distinctive beauty and all capture what makes Cuba so spectacularly diverse and inviting. The locations both indoor and outdoor offer charm and wonderment that call out for further exploration – Shooting here is truly an experience not forgotten and the possibilities in fact are endless, limited only by one’s imagination and creativity.

From a shoot perspective

We speak “Cuban” which is managing the “official” Cuba, by providing work visas and temporary importation permits for collection and camera equipment. Cuba is a great Island to produce, but you need someone to take you by the hand. especially the first steps are different from what one is used to in other countries. In order to work professionally in Cuba you need a work visa, a so called accreditation. It gives you the peace of mind of being completely legal and welcome, plus it assures the temporary admission of the collection and the photogrpaher´s equipment. To guide you through the easy application is part of our service, no worries – it is not complicated.


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