Cannes – Antibes

Cannes was founded 2000 years ago by the Roman’s. Until the mid 19th century it led the life of a sleepy fishing village. It was then discovered by the English aristocracy and picked as a winter hangout for rain tired northern Europeans.  When considering our photo production services in Cannes, remember we can help steer you through the busy festival period – there are several throughout the year – when the streets are filled with lunatics, treasure hunters and wannabes, one can freely appreciate all the merits of sophisticated and not so sophisticated cosmetic surgery. Truth be told the different festivals and events bring about a different clientèle than usual to this  Mediterranean seaside resort. The Ocean Drive, the so-called Croisette is definitely Cannes´ landmark, glamorous hotels line that famous strip and on the other side of the palm-lined sandy beaches.

The Production point of view:  

When considering a photo production in the South of Franceremember Cannes is a lot of fun to work in. The Mayor´s office is very professional and permits can be pulled within one or two weeks and are almost always granted. The Croisette is great and picturesque, the Carlton, the Majestic and the Martinez offer great backdrops for photo-shoots by day and night. But Cannes has much more to offer: The medieval old part of town on a hill right above the old port, with splendid views over the city. The old Port itself whose board-walks were widened on both sides of the old Quay, which turns them into an interesting prolongation of the Croisette. You leave the coast line into town and you encounter the old splendour of the 19th century white mansions, castle like villas, abandoned hotels and also fruit markets and luxury shopping streets – Trust us that we have the inside knowledge when it comes to photo production services in Cannes.


Smaller than Nice and less glamorous than Cannes, Antibes is however a real beauty on closer inspection.  The feel is less touristy because Antibes shoved the majority of their visitors to neighbouring Juan-les-Pins thus leaving enough space to attract the rich and wealthy, with an unequaled yacht harbour and a barely 4 km² peninsula: The Cap d´Antibes is a perfectly shaped, pine covered peninsula with one of the most beautiful and scenic roads leading around it. Our tip: jog it! Narrow sand beaches alternate with white rocks and give enough space for picturesque coves and inlets.

The Production point of view:

Antibes is a Diva and permits are not easy to get. The Mayor´s office is spoiled by big productions with Woody Allen and the like. Count on two weeks for the paperwork. For the rest of a production it´s fun to work in Antibes, shop owners and restaurant managers are not spoiled by avalanches of photo shoots – It’s safe to say we have it all covered if you are looking at a photo shoot production in Antibes having years of experience shooting in the town and its famous environs.


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