Marseilles is the most interesting city on the Mediterranean at the moment. It was Europe´s ‘Capital of Culture’ in 2013 and since you do not become a culture capital overnight it had time to prepare, to build, to fix and to renovate and to employ outstanding architects to give it a modern touch, to mix the old with the new and to tread new paths in architecture. For instance the entrance to the main port was reshaped with two new buildings, the most remarkable being the bespoken Villa Mediterranean. The old fishing and yacht Harbour in the centre of town got a broader side-walk on every side, speckled with art and and  an inviting location for a sunset stroll. The turn of the century façades contribute to the majestic feel that emanates from Marseilles in general – Five to seven story architecture in combination with wide avenues will remind you of Paris in some central neighbourhoods, while the vanguard feel is rather that of Berlin or Buenos Aires. If you are looking for a photo production company in the South of France, speak to us about Marseille for visuals and a unique insight into this outstanding location.

The production point of view:

Even though Marseille has some serious traffic and a lot of One Way streets – which can easily drive you crazy- you feel soon at ease in the city. It is hilly thus offering some great views from a top, the new and old squares and the big alleys plus the harbour offer great backdrops for photo production in Marseilles. A windy Ocean Drive takes you through different neighbourhoods and leads seamlessly to the so called Calanques, a natural reserve with unique white rocks, turquoise water and little islands that served as an inspiration for Alexandre Dumas´ Novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”. The mayor’s office’s professionalism is hard to top, productions are very welcome in this glorious city.


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